The website is still being developed, but the items below are on the list:

  1. Online Free Press:
    • Kronen Zeitung Guten Morgan e-mail in multiple languages
    • Local and International News Links
  2. 2nd or 3rd Book in progress:
    • I actually helped co-author one, a non-fiction medical book, that was published, believe it or not.
    • That one did not sell very well, but it is available on Amazon dot com USA or Germany
    • There was a second medical book that did not get published.
    • I still have slides from a senior board review at UVA that probably has cases and images better than those in the book.
    • I am working on another book now, a different genre, but I am not sure that I will ever finish it or publish it.
    • I have a number of audio recordings and videos that I might want to use in the book, so it needs to be an eBook. Here are some of them:
      • Interview with Russian Law Student

      • Customer Service Call to the Social Security Administration in the USA. WARNING !!! AT LEAST R-RATED !!!

  3. Independent Hostel Reviews
  4. Documentary News Series
  5. Love Stories
  6. Travel Blog


THE STRIPE BUTTON WAS IN A DEMO MODE (just enter "4242 4242 4242 4242" for a credit card number, a date in the future, a 3 digit code and an e-mail for that), BUT I OCCASIONALLY MAKE IT LIVE MOSTLY FOR TESTING PURPOSES. IT SEEMS TO WORK !!


There are also GOFUNDME.COM campaigns mentioned below. those donations or payments eventually should make it to my AUSTRIAN bank account, after GOFUNDME.COM and STRIPE take any commissions that they get. I am looking for a way to automatically allocate those funds to a beneficiary's account if they have one. My "co-star" actually might sort of already have a bank account if she would activate that E-Pay PrePaid Debit Mastercard that I gave to her. Not sure what she did with that.

  1. campaign: Link to Gofundme dot com campaign for dog shelter and house for parents, 100 € goal ! Subject to upwards revision later. The original campaign, the Joint Venture, was shut down after raising 20 Euros. I owe my co-star 10 Euros.
  2. campaign: Link to Gofundme dot com campaign for starving writer, literally, 2000 € goal, medical expenses
  3. Failed Business Startup: Link to MedPics, a Telemedicine Consultation Service
  4. Cabo San Lucas Airport Shuttle Service: Link to Los Cabos Airport Shuttle Service, Mi hermana en Baja Sur, México
  5. Realtor in Cabo San Lucas, México: Link to Realtor in Cabo San Lucas, México
  6. Realtor in Cabo San Lucas, México: Link to Realtor in Cabo San Lucas, México

Austria might want to think about offering these: Artist / Writer VISA for Digital Nomads

The answer to the title question is "YES", some are. There are scientific peer-reviewed articles about that kind of thing. If you are interested, click on the link below:

The savant syndrome

  1. Treffert, D. A. (2009). The savant syndrome: an extraordinary condition. A synopsis: past, present, future.
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 364(1522), 1351–1357.

An interesting thing about one of the authors of that paper is that he has a FaceBook page here:

Darold Treffert FaceBook Page



I keep bumping into my co-stars because we have entered the "flirting stage" of our relationship, see Link to WIKI page about 'flirting', of our relationship. Flirting can be a lot of fun, probably better than actually having sex really.

Keeping the references below and deleted the specifics about who I had a discussion with about psychology at the club.

  1. Link to WIKI page about Freud's Ego, Id and SuperEgo
  2. Link to WIKI page about Maslow' hierarchy of needs
  3. Link to WIKI page about Alfred Adler

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Guten Morgen! (Good Morning!)

Google translate is functioning relatively well and I have a Google Developer account, so I will keep using it. There must, however, be other translation engines around somewhere. Excuse Google if there is a factual error or if it sounds funny.

In the near future, I should probably just use an AJAX call or an API to automate the process of translating from Deutsch into as many languages as I want to because that would be much easier than doing in manually, maybe sometime when I have more time on my hands. One problem with making that procedure completely automated is that the Google AI engine that is apparently learning how to translate languages would stop learning how to do that and would just arrive at a "steady-state".

There is a translator called iTranslate that I just installed on my iPhone 6, probably created by the people at Apple, Inc.

Staying with translations into languages that are popular, that I have at least a little familiarity with or which are native to people who I have met recently. My language list has gotten pretty large at this point. I should not have to add many more to represent most of Eastern and Western Europe.

  1. I recently met a Universität Wien law student at a Starbucks off of Graben near Stephansplatz in Vienna, Austria, so that is one reason why I added Russian (she is Russian, listen to the audio recording) to the list. I told her the same story that I have been telegraphing all around Europe for months now. She was even aware of that international arbitration law competition that was recently held in Vienna, Austria. I learned about that from a Turkish law student from Istanbul, Turkey while I was just sort of hanging out at the Vienna International Airport because I was thinking about leaving Austria in order to comply with the Schengen Region rules governing travel within the Schengen Region. I cannot believe how many law students they have at that Universität. It must be one of the largest law schools in Europe.

    I even have a pretty interesting audio recording of my interview with the law student from Russia, but I am not sure that I want to post it on my website yet because she might sue me for libel or slander or something. I did listen to it again though and it really sounds OK to release into the public domain.

    I could probably listen to the audio recording below twice per week and not get sick of it.

    Here it is:

  2. I did recently meet someone from South Africa. She speaks English, Afrikaans and can recognize some Dutch, probably because during the colonial days the Dutch, the British and other Europeans inhabited South Africa. Sort of amazing, but the Constitution of South Africa recognizes 11 different langauges: Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenda, Xitsonga, Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa and isiZulu.
  3. I try to make up for yesterdays by getting an early start on the following days, sometimes, but not always. There have been days when I have forgotten to translate the Guten Morgen message completely, and then there was that time when my iPhone 6 was lost, missing or stolen and I spent almost all day trying to find it. I even filed a police report, and then later found the iPhone 6 myself through amateurish detective work and then wrote a short story about that incident and posted the story right here on this website. I have been hoping that people would read that and then contribute like maybe 1 or 2 Euros because I could use 1 or 2 Euros for something.
  4. I have been making idle threats against the US Social Security Administration and the US government about Social Security Administration Disability payments that are 2 months past due now, yesterday. That amounts to at least $3200.00 USD. The SSA has told me "not to worry", or that is what it seems like because they said that they are going to make up for their late payments by depositing two or three, probably 3 now, payments into a bank account that I do not even own or control in July or August. That is really messed up, in my opinion.

    I think that they should just send me a paper check payment for May and June to my UPS mailbox in the United States of America. That is apparently against their policies and procedures, or they just will not allow me to make that request for some reason.

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Einen schönen Tag! (Have a nice day!)

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English Translations Courtesy of Google Translate, with further editing by some BlueWizard from the Planet Pluto

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