Finally have some civil rights, freedoms and responsibilities (like voting, free speech, medical care, and bills to pay) after that long stay of almost almost 20 months in about 12 different countries in Eastern and Western Europe. More to follow . . . and alot to catch up on. Pitstop at a pretty decent cuckoos nest in Connecticut.


( I really need a secretary, which reminds me about this mathematics problems again, Link to Wikipedia page about The Secretary Problem.)

Sorry about the several days of downtime with the website. I temporarily relocated to Italy, and that LAMP package that I installed on my UBUNTU system is working pretty well, so I am developing offline mostly now and just doing the routine updates for the website until I have made significant progress offline, which may take a while given that I do not have an office or a regular internet connection. It does look like I might be able to leave Italy and the Schengen Region soon. I even asked the Polizei if they thought I would be fined, stopped or otherwise hassled when I leave Schengen and they did not seem to think so, so I will just have to wait and see. They said I am not a "criminal", and I told them, "no kidding", criminals have been assaulting me, stealing stuff from me an otherwise hassling me almost ever since I arrived in Europe about 18 months ago.

I lost count really. Quite a few incidents in Austria, theft of two suitcases at the Keleti train station in Budapest, Hungary, although I was partially compensated for that loss, but not really beause some of the lost items were priceless. Armed robbery (sort of, with a knife) in Ukraine and then a mugging in Ukraine a few days later, both reported to the local police, although probably no police reports because I did not see one or sign one. Austria: MacBook Pro computer, stolen. iPhone 6, stolen. iPhone 6 lost before that, all reported to the Polizei. Then there was that incident involving the WC at Hauptbahnhof, the theft of personal property out of a suitcase in front of Marihilfer Kirche, multiple harassments by the local Polizei. Austria started to become a not very hospitable country. And now my bank account is slightly overdrawn and in the red with some unexplained fees that have been charged to my account, around the time of my last 10 Euro automatic withdrawal donation to Wiener Tafel, that charity organization that I pledged 120 Euros to over 12 months. I must not have read or understood some of Erste Bank's policies, although they never did answer my previous inquiries about another 30 Euro or so service charge that I asked about several times without a response. I might be able to find a way to bring my balance back into the black by self-funding one of my GoFundMe drives again, which would be RIDICULOUS because I lose money by doing that and almost no one else has contributed to any of my GoFundMe drives.

Romania is interesting. "Maria" (I might still have the video despite the fact that many of them were stolen) gave a very informative and pleasant walking tour, and they have some nice art museums in Bucharest. I do not think I was technically the victim of a crime in Romania, same for Moldovia, Poland and others, and, so far, Italy has been OK. If I get back to the USA I might be able to gather up all of the doucments required to inquire about applying for citizenship in Italy. It would be really difficult to do that as a homeless person without access to documents, the e-mail, the internet or public records, and then there is that nagging medical problem that I have that might require minor surgery. If I ever get to that point I might ask the surgeon if they can do it under local anesthesia and if I can watch because it might be nice to know how to repair a hernia, without or without synthetic mesh. It might also be interesting to know what visceral pain feels like. I did find this reference, Link to article about Mesh versus non‐mesh for inguinal and femoral hernia repair. If I ever get to see a surgeon I will have to ask him or her what they recommend, what they prefer and why.

Searching the internet, I did find this, Link to website article about a Schengen area VISA. That is a bit concerning really. I might get stopped, slapped with a huge fine and banned from returning back to Europe for a long time, if not forever. Oh well, maybe I should warn the US State Department through their STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) program that I trying to leave Schengen, and have been trying to leave Schengen for months now, because I know and knew that I have overstayed my VISA and I have not been able to leave until recently. If they receive my message, the might want to contact the Social Security Administration and tell them that my temporary password never got mailed to my mailing address in MN, and it has been almost a month since I requested that initially, with several subsequent requests through the SSA website.

It still seems pretty clear to me that someone, or some government or institution is trying to shut down my website, or at least they are trying to prevent me from owning and operating it. I left Austria recently because I was sick and tired of paying for lodging at Hostels and Hotels when I could rent a flat or apartment for much less than that. I became intermittently homeless because it was just too expensive to live and work in Austria. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a flat or an apartment to rent or lease (although I did start looking using and, so I had to leave Austria once again, this time for Italy instead of Germany.

After a few days in Italy, things were going a little more smoothly with the routine website updates, although BING / Microsoft Translate and Google Translate had a little trouble with the first paragraph of the Guten Morgen message from 27 Setpember 2018 ("zähneknirschend" is a German word). It probably is derived from weeping and gnashing of teeth as described in this Wikipedia article. I recently left the Dolomites region because I could not really get any work done there any longer. I actually e-mailed the local hospital there about inguinal hernia surgery and they have not yet responded to my inquiry, which I translated into Italian using one of those translation engines.

That trip that I took to Frankfurt, Germany was really costly, although not a complete waste because I did get some work done there in the Apple Store and at internet cafes on the business and the website. That visit that I made to the medical clinic there was a complete waste of time and money. I paid for a clinic visit. They referred me to a surgeon (chirurgo in Italian, Chirurg in Deutsch), and I could not afford to see a surgeon. One reason I went to the clinic in the first place was to get some prescriptions refilled, which they refused to do, so that really was a waste of time, money, energy and effort in Germany. A person usually needs a prescription for Prednisolone or Prednisone in Europe, and the same is true for Sildenafil and most other prescription medications, like those for cholesterol and Bipolar Disorder or Seizure Disorders. It is interesting that some of the medications historically and currently prescribed for Bipolar Disorder are actually also used to treat seizures, like carbamazepine, lamotrigine, and valproic acid. Others, like antidepressants and antipsychotics are used to treat some of the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder, like depression and mania and/or psychosis. ECT is probably a little controversial, but that is still used as a treatment for severe depression or refractory Bipolar Disorder that is unresponsive to other therapies. I should say that, based on personal experience, 2nd/3rd-generation, or atypical antipsychotics have a lot of really bad side effects, see Atypical Antipsychotic Agents.

I have to say that the Dolomites region where I was in Italy, near Belluno, was really picturesque (I posted some recent photos on one of my Facebook pages and on Instagram). It looks like it is in the middle of the Alps in a small ski resort that is really not even open yet because the ski season has not quite started yet. I finally did upload some photos to one of my 3 FaceBook accounts. but I might want to keep some of those photos for my book or my movie because if I upload them to Instagram or Facebook I will end up in this huge legal battle with FaceBook and Instagram about intellectual property rights. It looks like it is situated in the middle of the Dolomites.

I have been frequently sleep deprived and homeless because my siblings apparently do not want me wasting money on expensive Hostels or mid-range Hotels, or even on any sort of lodging whatsoever. In fact, I slept in a park under a picnic table near Ottakring just outside of Vienna, Austria during that huge thunderstorm that occurred in late September 2018 in the city of Vienna, Austria. They (not sure who "they" are anymore really, probably my siblings and multiple governments, financial institutions, booking agencies and business establishments), apparently want to see how long I will last as a homeless person, not long with the nights getting colder. I am still sort of physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted still. That is a really bad state to be in if one has a website and a business startup that needs to be kept up an operating. In fact, it is just a bad state to be in period. PayPal has been bothering me about past due payments to them. I might have to contact them back via one of their internal messaging system platforms on their website and tell them to contact the SSA if they want to garnish my SSA disability pay paycheck wages to cover my past due balance. Between that and the deductions for Medicare, that will not leave much left from the next paycheck. I actually did send them an internal message using one of those stupid templated webforms, so I am sure I will not get any sort of meaningful response back from them. I even told my siblings about that and they told me not to pay PayPal even though I have been trying to do so.

My relatives in the US are not amused and are not interested in my business or my website. I have a Samsung laptop computer that I repaired as a replacement for the MacBook Pro laptop computer that was stolen from me in Vienna, Austria. I even installed UBUNTU because I am not sure if I have any active Microsoft Windows OS license keys, and I have no way of knowing because most of my license keys are stored in a password file on my iMac computer in the USA. I was going to go over to der 48er (der achtundvierzig'er) shop to look for some inexpensive clothes and to ask the city lost and found over there if my MacBook Pro or iPhone 6 got turned in by someone. One of my sisters even gave me money to buy a new computer, and I wasted that money on that wasted trip to Germany, but now I have a computer that might be almost as good as one that I could buy for $700.00. All I had to do was add a really inexpensive and low capacity SSD drive to it and buy a power supply, after which I had to spend hours and days installing and updating software, a task that will probably never end until someone decides to steal or break this computer. I might end up breaking it myself if I try to update the BIOS using the Windows XP Virtual Machine that I installed using Oracle's VM Virtual Box for Debian LINUX systems like UBUNTU.

My huge SSA disability check, in fact, got directly deposited again into a bank account that I do not own and do not control. It is nice to know that the SSA is at least paying someone. I have another complaint about my SSA payments and benefits. Medicare taxes are withheld from my SSA paycheck. I have not even been in the USA since March of 2017, when I left. I have not received any benefits related to those premium payments. That is just sort of an observation and a complaint that no one wants to hear because that is apparently how insurance programs work. Healthy people pay into the system so that sick people can be taken care of. I must not be sick because I am not being taken care of, although I do need some dental work. I also have some really annoying medical problems, like an inguinal hernia, lumbar region back problems, neuropathies in both of my lower extremities and who knows what else. It is interesting that my former physician in Austria, that person who I gave the nickname of Ludwig von Beethoven something or other, is also an internist with a subspecialty in Rheumatology. I mentioned that because the Guten Morgen message this A.M. mentions something about physicians and surgeons in politics.

I really like drinking coffee and sitting around in coffee shops working on the website. They usually have WiFi, good coffee, food and interesting people. Just the other day I was just chatting with a relatively attractive BOKU student at a Starbucks coffee shop in Vienna, Austria. She is studying Biotechnology at BOKU and she was reading one of those Harry Potter novels, German version, Volume 3, Wikipedia page article about 'Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban'. She did not seem that interested in my website so she will probably never read this paragraph and know that I mentioned her on my website. I did not even get her name. She told me that she was reading Harry Potter because she just had a difficult analytical chemistry exam and needed a break from that. That was at the Starbucks over by Wien Mitte.

I was actually was there, Starbucks @Wien Mitte, again recently speaking with 3 young women from the Czech Repbublic (Czechia for short). I rudely interrupted their conversation when I had sort of dismantled the "SPONSOR" section of my website because I wanted to rewrite the code. I asked the one sitting next to me if she thought that it would be better to just show all of the sponsor logos and comments at the same time, or if it would be better to just show one at a time using something like jQuery to time the display of the sponsor logos. Her opinion was that it was OK the way it is when I showed it to her. I actually still might write some code to display them one at a time with some sort of animation effect after searching the internet about how to do that. Kind of delayed with more computer code because I am really tired and do not have office space or a workstation or a quiet place to work.

The Samsung Direct Customer Service Center is in the 3rd District. I sent them an e-mail recently and they wrote back suggesting that I might owe them over 30 Euros just for their response to my e-mail. That is crazy. I found a computer shop on the street that can make minor repairs to the laptop for a very reasonable price.

When I got the computer it was missing the hard drive, and it did not come with a power cord or a charger, so I bought a charger and a 120 GB SSD at Cyberport at Westbahnhof in Vienna, Austria for a very reasonable price. Coincidentally, Cyberport is already listed as one of my sponsors. It reminds me a little bit of these places in the USA:

  1. Link to Fry's Electronics website
  2. Link to Microcenter St. Louis Park website

There is one of those Windows OS license keys on the bottom of the computer, but that probably belongs to the person who took out the hard drive. I am trying to find out if I still have a licensed version of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 through MicroSoft's customer service department, but I would not recommend doing that because they have terrible customer service. I had a chat conversation with Microsoft recently, but I deleted the chat because it would be really embarrassing for Microsoft for me to share that publicly as evidence for how terrible their FaceBook page is for customer service.. That is why I installed UBUNTU for now. LINUX works pretty well on the SAMSUNG laptop. Seems like the laptop might still need a new battery because it does not really hold a charge that well. Pretty soon, I will have spent close to 100 Euros getting this laptop in working order again. I cannot afford that kind of money. That is why I keep asking for donations on this website and I keep donating money to myself because no one else is interested in donating money to me.

Still reading and answering e-mails and functioning as my own administrative assistant for now. I will do a little bit of work on the website, but not that much. I have been preoccupied with getting the laptop configured so that is actually works well again.

I still have not been able to get a 1Password file that I had on an iMac 27" computer back in he USA. For some reason my relatives there see absolutely no urgency in getting that to me. I would actually tend to agree with that assessment now because I recovered a few licenses, and the other ones that I have I may not need now because I just might not need them, but it would still be nice to have that file. My brother Christopher was actually making plans to assist me with remote retrieval of some of the more important files of my iMac 27" computer Saturday or Sunday (22 and 23 September 2018), but those plans fell through because I had no one to connect up with them over the internet over the weekend because I was traveling (not back to the USA, but out of Austria, because they refused to purchase a ticket "home" for me, and they refused to send me enough money for me to purchase my own ticket "home" to the USA).

This is a little off topic, but on 12 September 2018 I started writing an abstract for the ESR meeting next March 2019, after I recovered my username and password for that account. It looks like I am still a corresponding member of that organization, I am in Vienna, Austria, the meeting is in Vienna, Austria, and I might be able to give a less than 10 minute talk about this telemedicine / radiology website that I worked on a couple of years ago. I might even get an invitation letter from the ESR to attend the meeting, which would be nice. This is the link to their website, Link to abstract submission page for ESR 2019 Congress. As a retired / disabled former physician and radiologist I am still somewhat interested in that topic. I even recovered my username and password for the RSNA, that other really large professional organization for people working in the field or radiology. The link to the 2018 meeting is Link to RSNA 2018 Meeting website. I think that I even renewed my retired status membership at no charge, and I may have even registered for the meeting. A person can sign up for the Virtual Meeting and attend the meeting over the internet, which is really nice because that is much less expensive than actually attending the meeting, and it is better for the environment.

I have to say that it is interesting to hang out in a coffee shop situated in the middle of the Dolomites with a bunch of local Italians while drinking coffee, They say "Ciao", "Buon giorno", and "Grazie" a lot. I even had time to look up something about who actually discovered coffee on WikiPedia. There is an interesting reference there that is probably not true, but still believable, "The story of Kaldi, the 9th-century Ethiopian goatherd who discovered coffee when he noticed how excited his goats became after eating the beans from a coffee plant, did not appear in writing until 1671 and is probably apocryphal.", see The World of Caffeine: The Science and Culture of the World's Most Popular Drug.

I might have enough quiet time and bandwidth left yet today to actually make some development progress with the website, in addition to the routine updates.

Kronen Zeitung Guten Morgen Newsletter


TTIP durch die Hintertür? Der von so vielen Seiten abgelehnte Handelspakt TTIP zwischen EU und den USA schien tot. Jetzt lebt er vielleicht in veränderter Form doch auf, meint die SPÖ. Denn seit Monaten wird transatlantisch verhandelt, um ein neues Abkommen für freie Zölle zu basteln. SPÖ-Vizeklubchef Leichtfried sieht wieder Schiedsgerichte und andere Nachteile für Österreich heraufdämmern - was die Regierung scharf zurückweist. Vielmehr, so ÖVP-Wirtschaftsministerin Schramböck, solle so ein neues Abkommen helfen, den Handelsstreit mit den USA zu beenden. Und so titeln wir heute Neuer Streit über TTIP-Handelspakt.

Digitales Vermummungsverbot. Mit einer bemerkenswerten Wortkreation gelang es der ÖVP, Regierungspartner FPÖ zur Durchsetzung der Klarnamenpflicht im Internet mit ins Boot zu holen: „Digitales Vermummungsverbot“ heißt es nun und bedeutet, dass ein Posting im Internet einer Person zuordenbar sein muss. Das heißt nicht zwingend, dass unter Klarnamen geschrieben werden muss. Aber die persönlichen Daten des Posters müssen erfasst sein.

Niessl rügt seine Bundes-SPÖ. Frieden in der SPÖ? Mitnichten! Nachdem die SPÖ-Bundesführung Nein zur Föderalismus-Reform sagt, die von der türkis-blauen Regierung mit den Bundesländern unter Führung des roten burgenländischen Landeshauptmanns Niessl ausverhandelt wurde, übt der Burgenländer nun Kritik an seiner Bundespartei.


TTIP through the back door? The EU-US trade pact TTIP, rejected by so many quarters, seemed dead. Now he may be living up in a changed form, the SPÖ says. For months, transatlantic negotiations have been under way to craft a new free tariffs agreement. SPÖ deputy club chief Leichtfried sees arbitration tribunals and other disadvantages for Austria dawn again-which the government strongly rejects. Rather, according to ÖVP Economy Minister Schramböck, such a new agreement should help end the trade dispute with the US. And so today we are titling new arguments over the TTIP trade pact.

Digital miprium ban. With a remarkable word creation, the ÖVP succeeded in bringing FPÖ government partners on board to enforce the duty of clear name on the Internet: "Digital ban on the emumination" is now called and means that a posting on the Internet must be relatable to a person. This does not necessarily mean that it must be written under clear names. But the poster's personal information must be collected.

Niessl rebukes his federal SPÖ. Peace in the SPÖ? With that! After the SPÖ leadership says no to the federalism reform negotiated by the turquoise-blue government with the federal states led by the red Burgenland governor Niessl, the Burgenländer is now criticizing his federal party.

  1. Link to article about 2015 Paris attacks
  2. Link to Austrian Tourism website about Christmas markets in Austria
  3. Link to website article about 22-year-old mayor in Upper Austria

The answer to the title question, "Are Some Idiots Savants ? Yes ! Some Are.", is: "YES !, some are." There are scientific peer-reviewed articles about that kind of thing. If you are interested, click on the link below:

The savant syndrome

  1. Treffert, D. A. (2009). The savant syndrome: an extraordinary condition. A synopsis: past, present, future.
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 364(1522), 1351–1357.

An interesting thing about one of the authors of that paper is that he has a FaceBook page here:

Darold Treffert FaceBook Page

I keep bumping into my co-stars because we have entered the "flirting stage" of our relationship, see Link to WIKI page about 'flirting'. Flirting can be a lot of fun, probably better than actually having sex really.

Keeping the references below and deleted the specifics about who I had a discussion with about psychology at the club.

  1. Link to WIKI page about Freud's Ego, Id and SuperEgo
  2. Link to WIKI page about Maslow' hierarchy of needs
  3. Link to WIKI page about Alfred Adler

Warning.This Web Page for SOME IDIOTS ARE SAVANTS is under active development. STRIPE payments / donations for 5 € seem to be working though.


GoFundMe drives and other fundraising projects.

The website is still being developed, but the items below are on the list:

  1. Online Free Press:
    • Kronen Zeitung Guten Morgen e-mail in multiple languages
    • Local and International News Links
  2. 2nd or 3rd Book in progress:
    • I actually helped co-author one, a non-fiction medical book, that was published, believe it or not.
    • That one did not sell very well, but it is available on Amazon dot com USA or Germany
    • There was a second medical book that did not get published.
    • I still have slides from a senior board review at UVA that probably has cases and images better than those in the book.
    • I am working on another book now, a different genre, but I am not sure that I will ever finish it or publish it.
    • I have a number of audio recordings and videos that I might want to use in the book, so it needs to be an eBook. Here are some of them:
      • Interview with Russian Law Student

      • Customer Service Call to the Social Security Administration in the USA. WARNING !!! AT LEAST R-RATED !!!, commented out for now.

  3. Independent Hostel Reviews
  4. Documentary News Series
  5. Love Stories
  6. Travel Blog

I am getting so concerned about my PayPal bill (overdue because they will not let me pay them). A US SPRINT cellular bill was recently paid, but that is one or two book chapters right there. I am so desperate for cash to buy a new computer and to pay some bills that I posted some ads on Craigslist and eBay (see below). On 28 August 2018 I discovered that the link on this website for my Craigslist posting had expired, so I had to waste about 10 minutes recovering yet more usernames / passwords. I have 2 Craigslist accounts and just now recovered both of them, and I then changed the link on this website to the acive listing. It is going to take months to years to recover from the theft of my computer with all of that data, usernames, passwords and software licenses on it. Kind of good for the blog though to provide a play-by-play.

On 29 August 2018 I discovered that my link to my eBay ad on this website was to an old eBay posting that I created. I actually reposted my eBay ad, and that ad has a different URL. I am corrected that URL, but I have since removed both of those ads and links after returning to the USA on 5 October to get medical needs attended to. "Attending" is an interesting work also.

The STRIPE domation button for a 10 Euro contribution now seems to work because I tested it myself.

I have to say that my internet cafe charges are adding up rapidly. Probably close to 6 to 10 Euros per day at the rate of 1€ per hour. Pretty soon I will reach the 200€ mark, and after 1 year, probably enough to purchae a new MacBook computer of some type, maybe an air ?


I also have a few GoFundMe Drives, but I should deactivate the one for Wiener Tafel (deleted) because they never got back to me about using their bank info for the drive that I started up for them.

  1. Unfortunately, I got a notice from STRIPE recently about them shutting down some of my STRIPE accounts with them, probably just the GOFUNDME campaign drive accounts:

    "This is just a reminder that you will no longer be able to accept payments through Stripe beginning 7/10/2018. Once again, we are sorry that we can't work with your business. If you feel you have received this message in error, please contact us right away by replying to this email.

    It looks like some of my STRIPE accounts are still working. I might need to add a better payment confirmation methods on the website rather than just an e-mail confirmation, maybe tomorrow, 4 September 2018.

  2. campaign (Joint Venture Supplement - inactive). Link to Joint Venture Supplement - inactive. The original campaign, the Joint Venture, was shut down after raising 20 Euros. I owe my co-star 10 Euros.

    See below:

  3. campaign (Starving Writer Fund Drive - Still active !): Link to Gofundme dot com campaign for starving writer, 2500 € goal, medical & business expenses, theft of personal property.

    See below:

  4. Deactivated campaign (Wiener Tafel, Charity Org in Vienna, Austria): The old URL's apparently go dead once a campaign is deactivated. If you live in Austria and have a bank account, their IBAN is: AT09 2011 1310 0530 3005, SWIFT/BIC: GIBAATWWXXX. You might be able to donate in your bank lobby.
  5. Just created another GoFundMe Campaign for a Youth Development Project in Nigeria and Africa. This sounds really interesting because the project founder wants to build an IT school in Nigeria and then maybe elsewhere in Africa. That has been a lifelong dream of his. Some details are aleady on this GoFundMe drive, and he also has his own Fund Drive under another GoFundMe account. PLEASE HELP if you are interested.
  6. Failing Business Startup (Still has potential): Link to MedPics, a Telemedicine Consultation Service
  7. Cabo San Lucas Airport Shuttle Service: Link to Los Cabos Airport Shuttle Service, Mi hermana en Baja Sur, México
  8. Cabo San Lucas Airport Shuttle Service: Link to, Mi hermana en Baja Sur, México
  9. Realtor in Cabo San Lucas, México: Link to Realtor in Cabo San Lucas, México
  10. Realtor in Cabo San Lucas, México: Link to Realtor in Cabo San Lucas, México

Austria might want to think about offering these: Artist / Writer VISA for Digital Nomads


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Freelancing as a: Digital Nomad
And maybe as one of these: Blue Wizards from shadowofwar dot wikia dot com, see Blue Wizards

Google translate is functioning relatively well and I have a Google Developer account, so I will keep using it. There is something called iTranslate that was an Apple Design Award Winner in 2018, and BING / Microsoft has their own translation engine on the internet here. I actually have some Microsoft accounts also, so I should check out BING's performance also. I stumbled across Klingonisch on Bing, and I found an Elvish translator on a website somewhere,, so I might have to experiment around with those also. Someone also told me about a contextual language translator. It might be this one, Link to, although it does not look like they have a https connection. On 16 September 2018 I was sitting next to a German speaking person named David who later said he is from Belgium. He and I had an interesting discussion for maybe 30 minutes during which he told me about another language translator that can be found here.

In the near future, I should probably just use an AJAX call or an API call to automate the process of translating from Deutsch into as many languages as Google has avaialble because that would be much easier than doing it manually, maybe sometime when I have more time on my hands. One problem with making that procedure completely automated is that the Google AI engine that is apparently learning how to translate languages would stop learning how to do that and would just arrive at a "steady-state". Another problem with that is that Google, Inc. recently locked me out of my Developer and G-Suite account with them, although it looks like I might have access again.

Staying with translations into languages that are popular, that I have at least a little familiarity with or which are native to people who I have met recently. My language list has gotten pretty large at this point. I should not have to add many more to represent most of Eastern and Western Europe. I started sort of building a control panel for this website, and I might eventually just migrate away from Joomla ! completely, but not yet, because Joomla ! does have some very nice features. I temporarily disabled a number of languages for now because it takes much time and effort to manually go through the translations everyday. That takes time away from development work. I should probably add the Romance languages back later.

  1. Some time ago I met a Universität Wien law student at a Starbucks off of Graben near Stephansplatz in Vienna, Austria, so that is one reason why I added Russian to my language list (she is Russian, listen to the audio recording). I told her the same story that I have been telegraphing all around Europe for months now. She was even aware of that international arbitration law competition that was held in Vienna, Austria. I learned about that from a Turkish law student from Istanbul, Turkey while I was just sort of hanging out at the Vienna International Airport because I was thinking about leaving Austria in order to comply with the Schengen Region rules governing travel within the Schengen Region. I cannot believe how many law students they have at that Universität. It must be one of the largest law schools in Europe.

    I even have a pretty interesting audio recording of my interview with the law student from Russia, but I am not sure that I want to post it on my website yet because she might sue me for libel or slander or something. I did listen to it again though and it really sounds OK to release into the public domain.

    I could probably listen to the audio recording below twice per week and not get sick of it.

    Here it is:

    I actually have personally met quite a few Russian & Ukrainian men & women, and I even recently inquired about obtaining a VISA to travel to Russia, probably St. Petersburg (Leningrad), or back to Ukraine, mostly so that I can continue working on my book and/or my movie project. I could mention that another one of my real-life and fictional girlfriends is Russian. The one that I am thinking of recently traveled back to her home town called Novosibirsk, and then to Singapore and Malaysia. I have no idea where she is now or if she is going back to Siberia or returning to Vienna, Austria at some point.

    Even more bizarre is the fact that I sent an e-mail to the Italian Embassy recently asking about how a person can apply for citizenship with that country. I am still trying to work all of that out. I was out at the Vienna International Airport (Flughafen) again recently and met a young Italian from Milan. She and I had coffee together just after midnight. She was en route back to Milan where she works in something similar to a pastry shop.

  2. Afrikaans is an interesting language. The Dutch, the British and other Europeans inhabited South Africa some time ago, and that is probably how the Afrikaans language evolved. Sort of amazing, but the Constitution of South Africa recognizes 11 different langauges: Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenda, Xitsonga, Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa and isiZulu.

  3. I try to make up for yesterdays by getting an early start on the following days, sometimes, but not always. There have been days when I have forgotten to translate the Guten Morgen message completely, and then there was that time when my iPhone 6 was lost, missing or stolen and I spent almost all day trying to find it. I even filed a police report, and then later found the iPhone 6 myself through amateurish detective work and then wrote a short story about that incident and posted the story right here on this website. I have been hoping that people would read that and then contribute like maybe 2 or 3 Euros because I could use 2 or 3 Euros for something. Since then, my iPhone 6 and my MacBook Pro were stolen, but that was my fault because I was taking a nap during the daytime in a park and someone stole those from me.

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  1. Link to article about 2015 Paris attacks
  2. Link to Austrian Tourism website about Christmas markets in Austria
  3. Link to website article about 22-year-old mayor in Upper Austria
Please excuse the huge mess now with multiple language classiification schemes and overlap. It is complicated.
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TTIP durch die Hintertür? Der von so vielen Seiten abgelehnte Handelspakt TTIP zwischen EU und den USA schien tot. Jetzt lebt er vielleicht in veränderter Form doch auf, meint die SPÖ. Denn seit Monaten wird transatlantisch verhandelt, um ein neues Abkommen für freie Zölle zu basteln. SPÖ-Vizeklubchef Leichtfried sieht wieder Schiedsgerichte und andere Nachteile für Österreich heraufdämmern - was die Regierung scharf zurückweist. Vielmehr, so ÖVP-Wirtschaftsministerin Schramböck, solle so ein neues Abkommen helfen, den Handelsstreit mit den USA zu beenden. Und so titeln wir heute Neuer Streit über TTIP-Handelspakt.

Digitales Vermummungsverbot. Mit einer bemerkenswerten Wortkreation gelang es der ÖVP, Regierungspartner FPÖ zur Durchsetzung der Klarnamenpflicht im Internet mit ins Boot zu holen: „Digitales Vermummungsverbot“ heißt es nun und bedeutet, dass ein Posting im Internet einer Person zuordenbar sein muss. Das heißt nicht zwingend, dass unter Klarnamen geschrieben werden muss. Aber die persönlichen Daten des Posters müssen erfasst sein.

Niessl rügt seine Bundes-SPÖ. Frieden in der SPÖ? Mitnichten! Nachdem die SPÖ-Bundesführung Nein zur Föderalismus-Reform sagt, die von der türkis-blauen Regierung mit den Bundesländern unter Führung des roten burgenländischen Landeshauptmanns Niessl ausverhandelt wurde, übt der Burgenländer nun Kritik an seiner Bundespartei.

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TTIP through the back door? The EU-US trade pact TTIP, rejected by so many quarters, seemed dead. Now he may be living up in a changed form, the SPÖ says. For months, transatlantic negotiations have been under way to craft a new free tariffs agreement. SPÖ deputy club chief Leichtfried sees arbitration tribunals and other disadvantages for Austria dawn again-which the government strongly rejects. Rather, according to ÖVP Economy Minister Schramböck, such a new agreement should help end the trade dispute with the US. And so today we are titling new arguments over the TTIP trade pact.

Digital miprium ban. With a remarkable word creation, the ÖVP succeeded in bringing FPÖ government partners on board to enforce the duty of clear name on the Internet: "Digital ban on the emumination" is now called and means that a posting on the Internet must be relatable to a person. This does not necessarily mean that it must be written under clear names. But the poster's personal information must be collected.

Niessl rebukes his federal SPÖ. Peace in the SPÖ? With that! After the SPÖ leadership says no to the federalism reform negotiated by the turquoise-blue government with the federal states led by the red Burgenland governor Niessl, the Burgenländer is now criticizing his federal party.

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TTIP door de achterdeur? Het handelspact tussen de EU en de VS TTIP, dat door zovele kwartalen is verworpen, leek dood. Nu kan hij in een veranderde vorm leven, zegt SPÖ. Al maanden lang zijn er transatlantische onderhandelingen aan de gang om een nieuwe overeenkomst voor vrije tarieven te ontwerpen. SPÖ de afgevaardigde Club belangrijkste Leichtfried ziet de rechtbanken van de arbitrage en andere nadelen voor de dageraad van OostenRijk opnieuw-wat de overheid sterk verwerpt. Eerder, volgens de ÖVP MiniSter van de economie Schramböck, zou zulk een nieuwe overeenkomst moeten helpen het handelsgeschil met de V.S. beëindigen. Vandaag betitelen wij nu nieuwe argumenten over het TTIP handelspact.

Digitale miprium verbod. Met een opmerkelijke woord creatie slaagde de ÖVP erin om FPÖ-regeringspartners aan boord te brengen om de plicht van duidelijke naam op het internet af te dwingen: "digitaal verbod op de emumination" wordt nu aangeroepen en betekent dat een posting op het Internet moet worden relatable aan een persoon. Dit betekent niet noodzakelijkerwijs dat het moet worden geschreven onder duidelijke namen. Maar de persoonlijke informatie van de poster moet worden verzameld.

Niessl berispt zijn federale SPÖ. Vrede in SPÖ? Met dat! Na de SPÖ-leiding zegt nee tegen het federalisme hervorming onderhandeld door de turquoise-blauwe regering met de Federale Staten geleid door de rode Burgenland gouverneur Niessl, de Burgenländer is nu kritiek op zijn federale partij.

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TTIP deur die rug deur? Die EU-Amerikaanse handel pact TTIP, verwerp deur so baie oorde, was dood. Nou is hy mag woon in 'n veranderde vorm, sê die SPÖ. Vir maande, transatlantic onderhandelinge gewees gang om 'n nuwe gratis tariewe ooreenkoms craft. SPÖ Adjunk klub hoof Leichtfried sien arbitrasie Tribunale en ander nadele vir Oostenryk Dagbreek weer-wat die regering sterk verwerp. Eerder, volgens ÖVP Minister van ekonomie Schramböck, so 'n nuwe ooreenkoms moet help beëindig die handel geskil met die VSA. En so vandag ons nuwe argumente oor die TTIP handel pact is titling.

Digitale miprium ban. Met 'n merkwaardige woord skepping, die ÖVP daarin bring FPÖ regering vennote aan boord te dwing die plig van duidelike naam op die Internet: "Digitale verbod op die emumination" word nou genoem en beteken dat 'n pos op die Internet relatable tot 'n persoon moet wees. Dit beteken nie noodwendig dat dit onder duidelike name geskryf moet word. Maar die plakkaat se persoonlike inligting moet versamel word.

Niessl rebukes sy federale SPÖ. Vrede in die SPÖ? Met dié! Nadat die SPÖ leierskap sê nee aan die federalisme, gedoen hervorming deur die turkoois-blou regering onderhandel met die federale state gelei deur die rooi Burgenland goewerneur Niessl, die Burgenländer is nou kritiek op sy federale party.

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TTIP gennem bagdøren? Handels pagten mellem EU og USA, som blev afvist af så mange kvartaler, virkede død. Nu kan han leve op i en ændret form, SPÖ siger. I månedsvis har de transatlantiske forhandlinger været i gang for at udforme en ny aftale om fri told. SPÖ vice klub Chief Leichtfried ser voldgiftsretter og andre ulemper for Østrig daggry igen-som regeringen stærkt afviser. Snarere, ifølge ÖVP økonomi minister Schramböck, en sådan ny aftale bør bidrage til at afslutte handelstvisten med USA. Vi har således i dag fremført nye argumenter over TTIP-handels pagten.

Digital miprium Ban. Med en bemærkelsesværdig oprettelse af ord, lykkedes det ÖVP at bringe FPÖ regering partnere om bord til at håndhæve pligten til klart navn på internettet: "digital forbud mod emumination" kaldes nu, og betyder, at en udstationering på internettet skal være relatable til en person. Det betyder ikke nødvendigvis, at det skal skrives under klare navne. Men plakatens personlige oplysninger skal indsamles.

Niessl irettesætter hans føderale SPÖ. Fred i SPÖ? Med det! Efter SPÖ ledelse siger nej til føderalisme reform forhandlet af den turkis-blå regering med de føderale stater ledet af den røde Burgenland guvernør Niessl, den Burgenländer er nu kritiserer hans føderale parti.

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God morgen !

TTIP gjennom bakdøra? Den EU-amerikanske handels pakten TTIP, avvist av så mange kvartaler, syntes død. Nå kan han leve opp i en endret form, sier SPÖ. I månedsvis har transatlantiske forhandlinger vært i gang med å lage en ny, gratis tariffavtale. SPÖ Deputy Club Chief Leichtfried ser voldgift tribunaler og andre ulemper for Østerrike Dawn igjen-som regjeringen sterkt avviser. Snarere, ifølge ÖVP økonomi minister Schramböck, en slik ny avtale bør bidra til å avslutte handelen tvisten med USA. Og så i dag er vi titulere nye argumenter over TTIP handel pakten.

Digital miprium Ban. Med en bemerkelsesverdig ord skapelse, ÖVP lyktes i å bringe FPÖ regjeringen partnere om bord for å håndheve plikten til klare navn på Internett: "digital Ban på emumination" er nå kalles, og betyr at et innlegg på Internett må være relatable til en person. Dette betyr ikke nødvendigvis at det må skrives under klare navn. Men plakaten personlige opplysninger må samles inn.

Niessl irettesettelser sin føderale SPÖ. Fred i SPÖ? Med det! Etter SPÖ ledelsen sier nei til Føderalisme reform forhandlet av turkis-blå regjering med føderale stater ledet av den røde Burgenland guvernør Niessl, er Burgenländer nå kritiserer hans føderale partiet.

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God morgon !

TTIP genom bakdörren? Handels pakten mellan EU och USA, som förkastades av så många kvartal, verkade död. Nu kan han leva upp i en förändrad form, säger SPÖ. I månader har de transatlantiska förhandlingarna varit på väg att skapa ett nytt avtal om fri prissättning. SPÖ ställföreträdande klubba chefen Leichtfried ser skiljedoms-domstolar och andra missgynnar för Österrike gryning igen-som regeringen avvisar starkt. Enligt ÖVP ekonomi minister Schramböck bör ett sådant nytt avtal bidra till att avsluta handelstvisten med USA. Och så i dag ger vi nya argument om handels pakten för TTIP.

Digital miprium förbud. Med en märklig ord skapande, lyckades ÖVP att föra FPÖ regeringens partner ombord för att genomdriva skyldigheten att tydligt namn på Internet: "Digital förbud mot emumination" är nu kallas och innebär att ett inlägg på Internet måste vara relatable till en person. Detta betyder inte nödvändigtvis att det måste skrivas under tydliga namn. Men affischens personliga information måste samlas in.

Niessl tillrättavisar sin federala spö. Fred i SPÖ? Med det! Efter SPÖ ledarskap säger nej till federalismen reform förhandlas fram av turkos-blå regeringen med de federala stater som leds av den röda BurgenLand guvernör Niessl, Burgenländer nu kritiserar hans federala parti.

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Góðan daginn !

TTip í gegnum bakdyrnar? EU-US viðskiptapact TTIP, hafnaði svo mörgum fjórðungum, virtist dauður. Nú er hann kannski að búa sig undir breytta mynd, sem SPÖ segir. Í marga mánuði hafa samningarnir um Transatlantic verið undir leið til að iðka nýjan gjaldfrjálsan gjaldskrársamning. SPÖ fulltrúi klúbbsins Leichtfried sér um gerðardóm tribunals og aðra ókosti fyrir Austurríki dögun aftur-sem ríkisstjórnin eindregið hafnar. Frekar, samkvæmt ÖVP Efnahagsmálaráðherra Schramböck, ætti slíkt nýtt samkomulag að binda endi á viðskiptaþvingun við BANDARÍKJAN. Og svo í dag erum við að bera saman ný rök yfir TTIP-viðskiptapökkunum.

Digital miprium Bangsa. Með ótrúlegri orðsköpun hefur ÖVP tekist að koma FPÖ stjórnarfélögum um borð til að framfylgja skyldu um skýrt nafn á Internetinu: "stafrænt bann á emafat" er nú kallað og þýðir það að bókun á Internetinu verður að vera aftengd við einstakling. Þetta þýðir þó ekki endilega að það þurfi að skrifa undir skýr nöfn. En það þarf að safna saman persónulegum upplýsingum um Burðarvirki.

Niessl rebukes sambandsleysi hans spö. Friður í SPÖ? Með þetta! Í forkosningum í SPÖ segir að engin til alræðishyggjunnar hafi samið um að turkos-blátt stjórnvald við Sambandslýðveldið hafi leitt hina rauðu Burgenland, en nú gagnrýnir hann Alræðisstjórn hans.

Eigðu góðan dag !
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Ttip через задній двері? Договір про торгівлю між ЄС і США, відкинутий так багато кварталів, здавалося мертвим. Тепер він може жити в змінену форму, говорить СПЕНО. Протягом декількох місяців трансатлантичні переговори ведуться з метою укладання нової угоди про вільну тарифи. SPÖ заступник начальника клубу Leichtfried розглядає арбітражні суди та інші недоліки в Австрію Світанок знову-які уряд рішуче відкидає. Скоріше, відповідно до ОПР міністр економіки Schöböck, така нова угода повинна допомогти покласти край торгівлі суперечка з США. Отже, сьогодні ми є новими аргументами над пакт про торгівлю TTIP.

Цифровий mmrium заборону. З чудовим створення слова, ÖVP вдалося в результаті чого FPÖУРЯДУ партнерів на борту для забезпечення обов'язку чіткої назви в Інтернеті: "цифровий заборона на empuation" тепер називається і означає, що проводки в Інтернеті повинні бути Relatable до людини. Це не обов'язково означає, що вона повинна бути написана під чіткими іменами. Але особиста інформація плаката повинна бути зібрана.

Niessl дорікає за свою федеральну spö. Мир в СПВ? З цим! Після того, як лідерство SPÖ не говорить Федералізм реформа переговори по бірюзового-синього уряду з федеральними державами на чолі з червоним Burgenland губернатор Niessl, Burgenvänder зараз критикує його Федеральної партії.

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TTIP через заднюю дверь? ЕС-США торгового Пакта TTIP, отвергается так много кварталов, казалось мертвым. Теперь он может жить в измененной форме, SPÖ говорит. В течение нескольких месяцев ведутся трансатлантические переговоры по разработке нового соглашения о бесплатных тарифах. SPÖ заместитель главного клуба Леичтфриед видит арбитражные трибуналы и другие недостатки для Австралии Рассвет снова-который правительство решительно отвергает. Скорее, по словам министра экономики ÖVP Счрамбöкк, такое новое соглашение должно помочь положить конец торговому спору с США. Сегодня мы заключим новые аргументы в пользу торгового Пакта TTIP.

Цифровой миприум запрет. С замечательным творением слова, ÖVP преуспел в приносить FPÖ правительственных партнеров на борту для того чтобы обеспечить обязанность ясного имени на Интернете: «цифровой запрет на емуминатион» теперь вызван и намеревается что столб на Интернете должен быть Relatable к персоне. Это не обязательно означает, что оно должно быть написано под ясными именами. Но личная информация плаката должна быть собрана.

Ниессл упрекает своего федерального SPÖ. Мир в SPÖ? С этим! После того, как руководство SPÖ говорит "нет" в отношении реформы федерального правительства, согласованной бирюзовым-синим правительством с федеральными штатами во главе с красным губернатором Ниессл, Бурженлäндер в настоящее время критикует свою федеральную партию.

Хорошего дня !
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Тпти през задната врата? Споразумението за търговия между ЕС и САЩ по ТПТИ, отхвърлено от толкова много тримесечия, изглеждаше мъртво. Сега той може да живее в променена форма, SPÖ казва. В продължение на месеци в ход са трансатлантически преговори за изработване на ново споразумение за безплатни тарифи. SPÖ заместник-клуб главен Leichtfried вижда арбитражни съдилища и други недостатъци за Австрия зората отново-които правителството категорично отхвърля. По-скоро, според ÖVP министър на икономиката Schramböck, такова ново споразумение трябва да спомогне за прекратяване на търговския спор със САЩ. И така днес ние вграждаме нови аргументи в областта на търговията с ТПТИ.

Digital miprium БАН. Със забележителна създаването дума, на ÖVP успя да приведе FPÖ правителствени партньори на борда за прилагане на митото за ясно име в интернет: "Digital забрана на emumination" сега се нарича и означава, че командироването в интернет трябва да бъдат съобразени с лице. Това не означава непременно, че то трябва да бъде написано под ясни имена. Но личните данни на плаката трябва да бъдат събрани.

Niessl смъмри федералните си SPÖ. Мир в SPÖ? С това! След SPÖ лидерство казва "не" на реформата на федералните, договорена от тюркоазено-Синята правителство с федералните държави, водена от Червения Бургенланд губернатор Niessl, на Burgenländer сега критикува федералните си страна.

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TTIP przez tylne drzwi? Pakt handlowy UE-USA TTIP, odrzucony przez tak wiele kwartałów, wydawał się martwy. Teraz może być żyjących w zmienionej formie, SPÖ mówi. Przez kilka miesięcy negocjacje transatlantyckie zostały w toku, aby stworzyć nową umowę o wolnym taryfie. SPÖ zastępca szefa klubu Leichtfried widzi Trybunały arbitrażowe i inne wady dla Austrii świt ponownie-co rząd zdecydowanie odrzuca. Zgodnie z ÖVP minister gospodarki Schramböck, taka nowa umowa powinna pomóc zakończyć spór handlowy z USA. I tak dzisiaj tworzymy nowe argumenty nad paktem handlowym TTIP.

Digital miprium Ban. Z niezwykłą tworzenia słów, ÖVP udało się przynosząc FPÖ partnerów rządowych na pokładzie do egzekwowania obowiązku jasnej nazwy w Internecie: "Digital Ban na emumination" jest teraz nazywany i oznacza, że delegowanie w Internecie musi być identyfikować do osoby. Nie musi to oznaczać, że musi być napisana pod Wyczyść nazwy. Jednak dane osobowe autora muszą zostać zebrane.

Niessl GANI jego federalny SPÖ. Pokój w SPÖ? Z tym! Po SPÖ przywództwo mówi nie do reformy federalnych wynegocjowane przez turkusowo-niebieski rząd z krajów związkowych prowadzonych przez czerwony Niessl gubernator Burgenland, Burgenländer jest krytykowanie jego partii Federalnej.

Miłego dnia!
Dobré ráno !

TTIP cez zadné dvere? Dohoda o obchode medzi EÚ a USA TTIP, zamietnutá toľkých štvrťrokoch, sa zdalo mŕtva. Teraz môže byť žijúci v zmenenej forme, SPÖ hovorí. Po niekoľko mesiacov, transatlantické rokovania boli na ceste k remeslu novú bezplatnú tarifu dohody. SPÖ námestník klubu šéf Leichtfried vidí rozhodcovské súdy a ďalšie nevýhody pre Rakúsko Dawn opäť-ktoré vláda silne odmieta. Skôr, podľa ÖVP minister hospodárstva Schramböck, takáto nová dohoda by mala pomôcť ukončiť obchod spor s USA. A tak dnes sme pomenovaní nových argumentov v rámci obchodného paktu TTIP.

Digitálne miprium zákaz. S pozoruhodné slovo stvorenia, ÖVP podarilo priniesť FPÖ vládnych partnerov na palube, aby presadiť povinnosť jasné meno na internete: "digitálny zákaz emumination" je teraz nazývaný a znamená, že vysielanie na internete, musí byť na osobu. To nemusí nevyhnutne znamenať, že musí byť napísaný pod jasnými názvami. Osobné údaje plagátu sa však musia zhromažďovať.

Niessl pokarhanie jeho federálnej SPÖ. Mier v SPÖ? S tým! Po SPÖ vedenie hovorí, že nie k federálnej reforme dohodnutej tyrkysová-modrá vláda s federálnymi štátmi pod vedením červeného Burgenland guvernéra Niessl, Burgenländer je teraz kritizovať jeho federálnej strany.

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Omitted for today. Keni një ditë të mbarë !
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TTIP skozi zadnja vrata? Trgovinski Pakt EU-ZDA TTIP, ki ga je zavrnilo toliko četrtletij, se je zdel mrtev. Zdaj lahko živi v spremenjeni obliki, pravi SPÖ. Več mesecev je bilo čezatlantskih pogajanj v teku, da bi izdelali nov sporazum o prosti tarifi. SPÖ namestnik kluba šef Leichtfried vidi arbitražo sodišč in drugih slabosti za Avstrijo Dawn spet-ki vlada močno zavrača. Namesto, glede na ÖVP gospodarstvo minister Schramböck, tak nov sporazum bi moral pomagati končati trgovinski spor z ZDA. In tako danes smo podnaslavljanje novih argumentov v TTIP trgovinski pakt.

Digitalna miprium prepoved. Z izjemno besedo ustvarjanja, ÖVP uspelo pripeljati FPÖ vladnih partnerjev na krovu za uveljavljanje dolžnosti jasno ime na internetu: "Digital Ban na emumination" se zdaj imenuje in pomeni, da je napotitev na internetu mora biti relatable za osebo. To ne pomeni nujno, da mora biti napisana pod jasnimi imeni. Toda osebni podatki plakata morajo biti zbrani.

Niessl ukora svoje zvezne SPÖ. Mir v SPÖ? S tem! Po SPÖ vodstvo pravi, da ne federalizem reforma s pogajanji, ki jih je turkizno-modra vlada z zveznimi državami pod vodstvom rdečega Gradiščanska guvernerja Niessl, Burgenländer je zdaj kritizira njegovo zvezno stranko.

Imej lep dan !
Dobro jutro !

TTIP kroz stražnja vrata? EU-US Trade pakt TTIP, odbijen od strane toliko četvrtine, činilo mrtav. Sada on svibanj biti živi u promijenjeni oblik, SPÖ kaže. Mjesecima su u tijeku transatlantske pregovore o sklapanju novog sporazuma o slobodnoj tarifi. Zamjenik glavnog kluba SPÖ Leichtfried vidi arbitražne sudove i druge nedostatke za Austrija Dawn again-što vlada snažno odbacuje. Umjesto toga, prema ÖVP ministar gospodarstva Schramböck, takav novi sporazum bi trebao pomoći završiti trgovinski spor s sad-u. I tako danas smo titling nove argumente preko TTIP Trade pakt.

Digitalni miprium Ban. Uz izvanrednu riječ stvaranje, ÖVP uspio donijeti FPÖ vladine partnere na brodu da provede dužnost jasno ime na internetu: "Digital Ban na imitacija" je sada zove i znači da posting na internetu mora biti u vezi s osobom. To ne znači nužno da se mora pisati pod jasnim imenima. Ali osobni podaci plakata moraju biti prikupljeni.

Niessl rebukes njegov federalni SPÖ. Mir u SPÖ? S tim! Nakon što vodstvo SPÖ kaže ne da federism reforme pregovara tirkizno-plava vlada s saveznim državama na čelu s crvenom Gradiška guverner Niessl, Burgenländer sada kritizira svoju federalnu stranku.

Lijep dan !
Добро јутро !

Тврх кроз задња врата? Тај савет Европске уније за трговину, који је одбијен од многих одаја, деловао је мртво. Сада моћда ћиви у измењени облик, каће СПÖ. Месецима су трансатлантски преговори били у току за постизање новог споразума о слободној тарифи. Заменик шефа клуба СПÖ Леицхтфрид види арбитре и друге мане за Аустрију у зору, које влада снажно одбацује. Уместо тога, према речима министра за економију Шрамбала, нови споразум би требало да помогне да се оконча трговински спор са сад. И тако, данас жемо да прииамо о новим препирки око трговаике трговине.

Дигитални миприум Бан. Са невероватном стваралаством, УВП је успео да доведе ФПÖ партнера на броду да спроведе дужност јасног имена на интернету: "дигитална забрана на емулатре" се сада зове и значи да објављивање на интернету мора да се може применити на особу. То не значи нућно да мора бити записано под јасаним именима. Али на плакату се морају сакупљати лиине информације.

Ниессл је ребукес његове федералне СПÖ. Мир у СПÖ? Са тим! Након љто СПÖ ворство каће не федеризму, у којој је преговарала таркизно-плава влада, са федералним дрћавама предворени гувернером Бургенланд, Ниесл, Бургенлдндер сада критикује своју федералну странку.

Желим вам пријатан дан !
Dobro jutro !

Na stražnja vrata? Tip za trgovinski pakt EU i sad, odbačen od toliko kovanica, izgledao je mrtav. Sada možda živi u izmenjeni oblik, kažu iz SPMEA. Već mjesecima, u toku su transatlantski pregovori u cilju razgovora o novom sporazumu o slobodnoj tarifi. Šef zamjenika kluba SPO-a Leichtfried vidi arbitražu tribunals i druge nedostatke za Austriju Dawn ponovno-koju vlada snažno odbacuje. Prije toga, prema riječima POTPREDSJEDNIKA ministra ekonomije Schramböcka, takav novi sporazum trebao bi pomoći u okončavanja trgovinskog spora s sad-om. I danas imamo nove argumente za trgovinski pakt.

Digitalna miprium Ban. Uz izuzetnu riječ kreaciju, ÖVP je uspio dovesti vladine partnere na brod u cilju provođenja dužnosti jasnog imena na internetu: "digitalna zabrana emuminacije" Sad se naziva i znači da se na internet mora imati mogućnost relativnog naziva. Ovo ne mora značiti da mora biti napisano pod jasnjim imenima. Ali, lične informacije postera moraju biti prikupljene.

Niessl je preružo svoj federalni SPO. Mir u SPAMEU? Sa tim! Nakon što uprava SPO-a kaže ne o reformi federalizma koja je pregovarala tirkiznom plavom vladom sa saveznim državama pod vodstvom crvenog Burgenlanda guvernera Niessl-a, Burgenländer sad kritizira svoju federalnu stranku.

Prijatan dan !
Dobré ráno !

Závratě? Nezdálo se, že obchodní pakt EU-USA, který byl odmítnut tolika čtvrtletími, je mrtev. Teď může žít ve změněné podobě, říká SPÖ. Po několik měsíců probíhala transatlantická jednání, která vypracovala novou dohodu o volném tarifu. SPÖ náměstek klubu šéf LEICHTFRIED vidí rozhodčí tribunály a další nevýhody pro Rakousko Dawn znovu-které vláda silně odmítá. Spíše podle ministra hospodářství ÖVP Schramböck by taková nová dohoda měla pomoci ukončit obchodní spor s USA. A tak dnes jsme titulkové nové argumenty nad obchodem s obchodními dohodami.

Digitální miprium zákaz. S pozoruhodné slovo stvoření, ÖVP podařilo přinést FPÖ vládních partnerů na palubě vymáhat povinnost jasné jméno na internetu: "digitální zákaz emumination" se nyní nazývá a znamená, že vysílání na internetu musí být relatable na osobu. To nemusí nutně znamenat, že musí být napsán pod jasnými jmény. Ale osobní údaje plakátu musí být shromažďovány.

Niessl výtky jeho federální SPÖ. Mír v SPÖ? S tím! Po SPÖ vedení říká ne na reformu spolkového ministerstva sjednaná tyrkysově-modré vlády s federálními státy pod vedením Red Burgenland guvernér Niessl, Burgenländer je nyní kritizuje jeho federální strana.

Hezký den !
Jó reggelt !

TTIP át a hátsó ajtón? Az EU – USA kereskedelmi paktum TTIP, oly sok negyedévben elutasította, halottnak tűnt. Most ő május lenni élő megjelöl-ban egy változtatott forma, a SPÖ mond. Hónapokig a transzatlanti tárgyalások folytak egy új, ingyenes díjszabási megállapodás megkötésére. SPÖ helyettes klub vezetője Leichtfried látja választottbírósági törvényszékek és egyéb hátrányok Ausztria Dawn Again-amely a kormány határozottan elutasítja. Inkább szerint ÖVP gazdasági miniszter Schramböck, egy ilyen új megállapodás segít véget a kereskedelmi vita az USA-val. És így ma vagyunk feliratozási új érvek a TTIP kereskedelmi paktum.

Digitális miprium tilalom. -Val egy figyelemre méltó szó teremtés, a ÖVP örökölt-ban hoz FPÖ kormányzat társas viszony-ra fedélzet-hoz kierőszakol a kötelesség-ból tiszta név az interneten: "digitális tilalom-on emumination" van most hívott és anyagi eszközök amit egy kiplakátolás az interneten kell lenni relatable-hoz egy személy. Ez nem feltétlenül jelenti azt, hogy a nevet egyértelmű névvel kell elírni. De a plakát személyes adatait össze kell gyűjteni.

Niessl szemrehányást a szövetségi SPÖ. Békét a SPÖ? Azzal! Miután a SPÖ vezető azt mondja, nem a föderalizmus reform tárgyalt a türkiz-kék kormány a Szövetségi Államok által vezetett a Red Burgenland kormányzó Niessl, a Burgenländer most kritizálta a szövetségi párt.

Legyen szép napod !
Hyvää huomenta !

TTIP kautta takaoven? EU:N ja Yhdysvaltojen välinen kauppa sopimus, jota niin monet tahot hylkäsivät, vaikutti kuolleelta. Nyt hän voi elää muuttuvaan muotoon, SPÖ sanoo. Jo kuukausien ajan transatlanttiset neuvottelut ovat olleet käynnissä uuden vapaakauppasopimuksen tekemistä varten. SPÖ apulais klubi päällikkö Leichtfried näkee väli mies oikeuden tuomio istuimissa ja muita haittoja Itävalta Dawn jälleen-jonka hallitus jyrkästi hylkää. ÖVP talous ministeri Schramböckin mukaan tällaisen uuden sopimuksen pitäisi pikemminkin auttaa lopettamaan kauppa kiista Yhdysvaltojen kanssa. Tänään olemme siis tekstitys uusia TTIP-kauppa sopimusta koskevia väitteitä.

Digitaalinen miprium kielto. Kanssa merkittävä sana luominen, ÖVP onnistui tuomaan FPÖ hallituksen kumppaneiden aluksella valvoa velvollisuus selkeä nimi Inter netissä: "digitaalinen kielto emumination" on nyt nimeltään ja tarkoittaa, että lähettämistä Inter netissä on relatable henkilölle. Tämä ei välttämättä tarkoita, että se on kirjoitettu selkeät nimet. Mutta julisteen henkilökohtaiset tiedot on kerättävä.

Niessl nuhtoo hänen liitto valtion SPÖ. Rauha SPÖ? Kanssa! Kun SPÖ Leadership sanoo "ei" federalismi uudistuksen neuvottelema turkoosi-sininen hallitus liitto valtion johtama Red Burgenland kuvernööri Niessl, Burgenländer on nyt arvostellaan hänen liitto valtion puolue.

Hauskaa päivän jatkoa !
Tere hommikust !

TTIP läbi tagaukse? Nii paljude kvartalite poolt tagasi lükatud ELi-USA TTIP, tundus surnuna. Nüüd võib ta elada muutunud kujul, SPÖ ütleb. Juba mitu kuud on Atlandiülesed läbirääkimised sõlminud uue vaba tariifi lepingu. SPÖ asetäitja Club Chief LEICHTFRIED näeb vahekohtu erikohtud ja muud puudused Austria Dawn Again-mida valitsus tugevalt lükkab. Pigem peaks selline uus kokkulepe Austria Rahvapartei majanduse ministri Schramböck kohaselt aitama lõpetada vaidluse USA-ga. Ja täna me tiitrime uusi argumente TTIP.

Digitaalne miprium keeld. Mis tähelepanuväärne sõna loomine, Austria Rahvapartei õnnestus tuua FPÖ valitsuse partnerite pardal jõustada kohustus selge nimi internetis: "Digital Ban on emumination" on nüüd kutsutud ja tähendab, et postitad internetis tuleb relatable isikule. See ei tähenda tingimata, et see peab olema kirjutatud selgete nimede all. Kuid plakati isikuandmed tuleb koguda.

Niessl rebukes tema föderaalne SPÖ. Rahu SPÖ? Sellega! Pärast SPÖ juhtkond ütleb ei föderaalne reform läbirääkimisi türkiissinine-sinine valitsus koos föderaalse riigid eesotsas Red Burgenland kuberner Niessl, Burgenländer on nüüd kritiseerida tema föderaalne Partei.

Head päeva !
Bonjour !

TTIP par la porte de derrière? Le pacte commercial UE-États-Unis TTIP, rejeté par tant de quartiers, semblait mort. Maintenant, il peut être vivant dans une forme changée, dit le SPÖ. Depuis des mois, des négociations transatlantiques sont en cours pour élaborer un nouvel accord sur les droits de douane gratuits. SPÖ le chef de Club adjoint Leichtfried voit des tribunaux d'arbitrage et d'autres inconvénients pour l'Autriche Dawn encore-que le gouvernement rejette fortement. Au contraire, selon le ministre de l'économie ÖVP Schramböck, un tel nouvel accord devrait aider à mettre fin au différend commercial avec les États-Unis. Et donc aujourd'hui nous intitulons de nouveaux arguments sur le pacte commercial TTIP.

Digital miprium Ban. Avec une création de mots remarquable, le ÖVP réussi à amener FPÖ partenaires gouvernementaux à bord pour faire respecter le devoir de nom clair sur l'Internet: "l'interdiction numérique sur le emumination" est maintenant appelé et signifie qu'un affichage sur l'Internet doit être relatable à une personne. Cela ne signifie pas nécessairement qu'il doit être écrit sous des noms clairs. Mais les informations personnelles de l'affiche doivent être collectées.

Niessl réprimande son SPÖ fédéral. La paix dans le SPÖ? Avec ça! Après le leadership SPÖ dit non à la réforme du fédéralisme négocié par le gouvernement bleu turquoise avec les États fédéraux dirigés par le gouverneur du Burgenland rouge Niessl, le Burgenländer est maintenant critiquer son parti fédéral.

Bonne journée !
Bonjour !

TTIP nan pòt dèyè a? L'-Etazini komès pak lan TTIP, te rejte pa anpil ka yo, pa gen ankò mouri. Koulye a, li pase nan yon chanje fòm, SPÖ a menm ki di sa. Pou mwa yo, transatlantique negosyasyon yo te sou pye pou twouve yon lòt kontra tarif gratis. Klib depite SPÖ Leichtfried chèf wè tribunaux jij ak lòt inconvénients pou Otrich bajou kase ankò-qui gouvènman an fòtman rejte. Olye de sa, Minis ekonomi an ÖVP Schramböck, selon nouvo agreman ta dwe ede fini ak diskisyon sou komès ak Etazini. Epi se konsa jòdi a nou ye titres nouvo diskite sou pak TTIP komès la.

Digital entèdiksyon miprium. Ak yon pawòl remakab kreyasyon, ÖVP a te siksede nan pote FPÖ gouvènman an patnè abò a ranfòse dwa konnen non sou entènèt la: "Digital entèdiksyon sou emumination a" koulye a rele e li vle di ke yon validation sou entènèt la dwe relatable pou yon moun. Sa pa di ke li dwe fè ekri sou non yo konnen. Men, se pou kolekte enfòmasyon prive afich a.

Niessl rebukes l' federal SPÖ. Viv ak kè poze nan SPÖ la? Ak sa! Apwè lidè SPÖ a menm ki di sa non pou refòm fédéralisme yo te negosye pa gouvènman turquoise-ble ak federal Etazini ki te dirije pa le wouj gouvènè Burgenland Niessl, Burgenländer a koulye a kritike l' pati federal.

Bonne journée !
Buongiorno !

TTIP attraverso la porta sul retro? Il patto commerciale UE-USA TTIP, respinto da tanti quarti, sembrava morto. Ora si può vivere in una forma cambiata, il SPÖ dice. Per mesi, i negoziati transatlantici sono in corso per creare un nuovo accordo sulle tariffe gratuite. SPÖ Vice Club Chief Leichtfried vede tribunali arbitrali e altri svantaggi per l'Austria Dawn di nuovo-che il governo respinge fortemente. Piuttosto, secondo il ministro dell'economia ÖVP Schramböck, un tale nuovo accordo dovrebbe contribuire a porre fine alla disputa commerciale con gli Stati Uniti. E così oggi stiamo titolando nuovi argomenti sul patto commerciale TTIP.

Digital miprium Ban. Con una creazione di parola notevole, il ÖVP è riuscito a portare i soci di governo di FPÖ a bordo per fare rispettare il dovere del nome libero sul Internet: "il divieto digitale sul emumination" ora è denominato e significa che un invio sul Internet deve essere relatable ad una persona. Questo non significa necessariamente che deve essere scritto con nomi chiari. Ma le informazioni personali del poster devono essere raccolte.

Niessl rimprovera il suo SPÖ federale. Pace nel SPÖ? con questo! Dopo la leadership SPÖ dice no alla riforma federalismo negoziato dal governo turchese-blu con gli Stati federali guidati dal governatore rosso Burgenland Niessl, il Burgenländer è ora criticare il suo partito federale.

Buona giornata !
Buna dimineata !

TTIP prin uşa din spate? Pactul comercial UE-SUA TTIP, respins de atât de multe trimestre, părea mort. Acum, el poate fi de viaţă într-o formă schimbat, SPÖ spune. De luni de zile, negocierile transatlantice au fost în curs de a crea un nou acord privind tarifele libere. SPÖ adjunct al clubului Leichtfried vede tribunale de arbitraj şi alte dezavantaje pentru Austria Dawn din nou-pe care guvernul le respinge puternic. Mai deGrabă, potrivit ministrului economiei ÖVP Schramböck, un astfel de acord nou ar trebui să ajute la încetarea disputei comerciale cu SUA. Aşa că astăzi probatem noi argumente asupra Pactului comercial TTIP.

Digital miprium ban. Cu o remarcabilă creaţie de cuvinte, ÖVP a reuşit să aducă parteneri guvernamentali FPÖ la bord pentru a pune în aplicare datoria de nume clar pe Internet: "interzicerea digitală pe emumination" este acum numit şi înseamnă că o postare pe internet trebuie să fie relatable la o persoană. Acest lucru nu înseamnă neapărat că trebuie să fie scris sub nume clare. Dar informaţiile personale ale posterului trebuie colectate.

Niessl mustră SPÖ lui federală. Pace în SPÖ? Cu asta! După ce conducerea SPÖ spune nu la reforma federalism negociat de către guvernul turcoaz-albastru cu statele federale conduse de guvernatorul Burgenland roşu Niessl, Burgenländer este acum critică Partidul său federal.

O zi bună !
Buenos días !

¿ Docente por la puerta trasera? El pacto comercial UE-Estados Unidos docente, rechazado por tantos cuarteles, parecía muerto. Ahora puede estar viviendo en una forma cambiada, dice el SPÖ. Durante meses se han celebrado negociaciones transatlánticas para crear un nuevo acuerdo sobre aranceles libres. El jefe Leichtfried del Club del diputado de SPÖ ve los tribunales de arbitraje y otras desventajas para el amanecer de Austria otra vez-que el Gobierno rechaza fuertemente. Más bien, según el Ministro de economía de ÖVP, Schramböck, este nuevo acuerdo debería ayudar a poner fin a la disputa comercial con Estados Unidos. Así que hoy estamos titulando nuevos argumentos sobre el pacto comercial de docente.

Miprium digital Ban. Con una creación notable de la palabra, el ÖVP tuvo éxito en traer a socios del gobierno de FPÖ a bordo para hacer cumplir el deber del nombre claro en el Internet: la "prohibición digital en el emumination" ahora se llama y significa que una fijación en el Internet debe ser relatable a una persona. Esto no significa necesariamente que se debe escribir con nombres claros. Pero la información personal del póster debe ser recolectada.

Niessl reprende su SPÖ federal. ¿Paz en el SPÖ? Con eso! Después de que la dirección del SPÖ diga no a la reforma del federalismo negociada por el gobierno turquesa-azul con los Estados federales conducidos por el gobernador rojo de Burgenland Niessl, el Burgenländer ahora está criticando a su partido federal.

Que tengas un buen día !
Bon dia !

TTIP a través de la porta del darrere? El Pacte de comerç UE-Estats Units TTIP, rebutjada per molts barris, semblava mort. Ara ell vivien cap amunt en forma canviat, el SPÖ diu. Durant mesos, han estat transatlàntics negociacions en marxa per elaborar un nou acord de lliure d'aranzels. Club de diputat SPÖ Leichtfried cap veu tribunals d'arbitratge i altres desavantatges per Alba Àustria una altra vegada, que el govern rebutja enèrgicament. Més aviat, segons el ministre d'economia ÖVP Schramböck, un nou acord hauria d'ajudar posar fi a la disputa del comerç amb els EUA. I així que avui ens són titulació arguments de nous sobre el Pacte de comerç TTIP.

Prohibició de digital miprium. Amb una creació paraula notable, l'ÖVP desitjava acostar els socis de govern FPÖ a bord per fer complir el deure de nom clar a Internet: "Prohibició Digital de la emumination" ara es diu i vol dir que un anunci a Internet ha de ser relacionables amb una persona. Això no significa necessàriament que ha de ser escrit sota noms clars. Però cal recollir informació personal del cartell.

Niessl reprèn la seva SPÖ federal. Pau a la SPÖ? Amb això! Després el lideratge SPÖ diu no a la reforma del federalisme negociat pel govern blau turquesa amb els estats federals, dirigits pel governador Burgenland vermell Niessl, la Burgenländer ara és criticar el partit federal.

Que tinguis un bon dia !
Bom Dia !

TTip pela porta dos fundos? O pacto comercial UE-EUA TTIP, rejeitado por tantos trimestres, parecia morto. Agora ele pode estar vivendo em uma forma alterada, diz o SPÖ. Durante meses, foram iniciadas negociações transatlânticas para elaborar um novo acordo de tarifas livres. SPÖ deputado chefe do clube Leichtfried vê tribunais arbitrais e outras desvantagens para a Áustria amanhecer novamente-que o governo rejeita fortemente. Em vez disso, de acordo com o Ministro da economia da ÖVP, Schramböck, tal novo acordo deverá ajudar a encerrar a disputa comercial com os EUA. E, por isso, hoje estamos a fazer novos argumentos sobre o pacto comercial da TTIP.

Proibição de miprium digital. Com uma notável criação de palavras, a ÖVP conseguiu trazer os parceiros governamentais FPÖ a bordo para impor o dever de nome claro na Internet: "proibição digital sobre a emuminação" é agora chamado e significa que um destacamento na Internet deve ser relacionável a uma pessoa. Isso não significa necessariamente que ele deve ser escrito em nomes claros. Mas a informação pessoal do cartaz deve ser recolhida.

Niessl repreende seu Federal SPÖ. Paz no SPÖ? Com isso! Depois que a liderança do SPÖ diz não à reforma do federalismo negociada pelo governo turquesa-azul com os Estados federais liderados pelo governador vermelho de Burgenland Niessl, o Burgenländer está criticando agora seu partido federal.

Tenha um bom dia !
좋은 아침 !

뒷문을 통해 ttip? 많은 분기에 의해 거부 된 EU-미국 무역 협정 ttip는 죽은 것 같았다. 이제 그는 변화 된 형태로 살고 있을 수 있습니다, spö는 말한다. 개월 동안, 대서양 횡단 협상은 새로운 무료 관세 계약을 만드는 방법으로 되었다. spö 부 클럽 수석 Leichtfried는 오스트리아 새벽 다시에 대 한 중재 재판소와 다른 단점을 보고-정부가 강하게 거부. 그 보다는 경제 장관 schram뵈 크에 따르면, 그러한 새로운 계약은 미국과의 무역 분쟁을 끝내는 데 도움이 될 것입니다. 그래서 오늘 우리는 ttip 무역 협정을 통해 새로운 주장을 하 고 있습니다.

디지털 miprium 금지. 주목할 만한 단어 생성을 통해 övp는 인터넷에 대 한 명확한 이름의 의무를 적용 하기 위해 fpö 정부 협력 업체를 이사회에 성공적으로 제공 하는 데 성공 했습니다. "em발광에 디지털 금지"가 호출 되 고 인터넷에 게시가 사람에 게 연관 되어야 함을 의미 합니다. 반드시 명확한 이름으로 작성 해야 한다는 의미는 아닙니다. 그러나 포스터의 개인 정보를 수집 해야 합니다.

니에 스 rebukes 그의 연방 스 필. 고 들의 평화? 그것으로! spö 지도부는 레드 부 겐 땅 주지사 niessl이 주도하 고 있는 청록색 청 정부에 의해 연방 주의 개혁을 협상 하는 것을 no 라고 말한 후, burgenland는 이제 그의 연방 당사자를 이끌고 있다.

소리 나는대로의 Omitted today. 좋은 하루 되세요 !
早上好 !

从后门打出来的吗? 被这么多方面拒绝的欧美贸易协定 ttip 似乎已经死了。现在他可能生活在一个改变的形式, spö说。几个月来, 跨大西洋谈判一直在进行, 以制定一项新的免费关税协议。sp o 副俱乐部主席 leichtfried 认为仲裁法庭和其他缺点为奥地利黎明再-政府强烈拒绝。相反, 根据奥斯特罗夫·经济部长施兰博克的说法, 这样的新协议应该有助于结束与美国的贸易争端。因此, 今天我们正在就 ttip 贸易协定提出新的争论。

数字麦克风禁令. 通过一个了不起的词创造, vp 成功地让 f p o 政府伙伴加入进来, 在互联网上执行明确的名字义务: "数字禁止被模仿" 现在被称为 "数字禁止被模仿", 这意味着在互联网上发帖必须是一个人喜欢的。这不一定意味着它必须用明确的名称写。但海报的个人信息必须收集。

尼斯尔责备他的联邦总统. 和平在 spö?拿着那个!在英国议会领导层对由红色的伯根州州长尼斯尔领导的联邦州谈判达成的联邦改革说不之后, 伯根兰德现在批评他的联邦政党。

祝你今天愉快 !
早上好 !

從後門打出來的嗎? 被這麼多方面拒絕的歐美貿易協定 ttip 似乎已經死了。現在他可能生活在一個改變的形式, spö說。幾個月來, 跨大西洋談判一直在進行, 以制定一項新的免費關稅協定。sp o 副俱樂部主席 leichtfried 認為仲裁法庭和其他缺點為奧地利黎明再-政府強烈拒絕。相反, 根據奧斯特羅夫·經濟部長施蘭博克的說法, 這樣的新協定應該有助於結束與美國的貿易爭端。因此, 今天我們正在就 ttip 貿易協定提出新的爭論。

數位麥克風禁令. 通過一個了不起的詞創造, vp 成功地讓 f p o 政府夥伴加入進來, 在互聯網上執行明確的名字義務: "數位禁止被模仿" 現在被稱為 "數位禁止被模仿", 這意味著在互聯網上發帖必須是一個人喜歡的。這不一定意味著它必須用明確的名稱寫。但海報的個人資訊必須收集。

尼斯爾責備他的聯邦總統. 和平在 spö?拿著那個!在英國議會領導層對由紅色的伯根州州長尼斯爾領導的聯邦州談判達成的聯邦改革說不之後, 伯根蘭德現在批評他的聯邦政黨。

祝你今天愉快 !
はようございます !

裏口から TTIP か? 非常に多くの四分の一によって拒絶される EU 米国の貿易協定 TTIP は死んだようである。今、彼は変更された形で生きている可能性があります, SPÖは言う.何ヶ月もの間、大西洋横断の交渉は新しい自由な税率の一致を作る方法の下にあった。SPÖの副クラブの主任 Leichtfried は政府が強く拒絶するオーストリアの夜明けのための仲裁裁判所そして他の不利な点を再度見る。むしろ、ÖVP 経済大臣 Schramböck によると、このような新しい合意は、米国との貿易紛争を終了するのに役立つはずです。そして、今日、私たちは、TTIP 貿易協定に関する新しい議論をタイトルています。

デジタル miprium 禁止。 顕著な単語の作成によって、ÖVP はインターネットの明確な名前の義務を強制するために船上に FPÖの政府パートナーを持って来ることに成功した: 「emumination のデジタル禁止」は今呼ばれ、インターネットの投稿が人に relatable なければならないことを意味する。これは必ずしも明確な名前で書かれなければならないことを意味しない。しかし、ポスターの個人情報を収集する必要があります。

Niessl は彼の連邦 SPÖを rebukes した SPÖの平和?それとともに!SPÖのリーダーシップが連邦の改革には、赤ブルゲンラント知事 Niessl 率いる連邦国家とターコイズブルーの政府によって交渉した後、Burgenländer は現在、彼の連邦党を批判している。

音韻 omitted today. 良い一日を !
สวัสดี ! Omitted today. มีวันที่ดี !
صباح الخير ! Omitted today. أتمنى لك نهارا سعيد !
صبح بخیر ! Omitted today. روز خوبی داشته باشید !
Բարի առավոտ ! Omitted today. Հաճելի օր. !
Günaydın ! İyi günler !
Xayrli tong ! GOOGLE Hayrli kun !
Magandang umaga ! Omitted today. Magandang araw !
E kaaro ! GOOGLE Eni a san e o !
Da safe ! GOOGLE Yi murna sosai !
Ụtụtụ ọma ! GOOGLE Nwee ọmarịcha ụbọchị !
დილა მშვიდობისა ! Omitted today. კარგ დღეს გისურვებთ !
সুপ্রভাত ! Omitted today. আপনার দিনটি শুভ হোক !
शुभ प्रभात ! Omitted today. आपका दिन शुभ हो !
காலை வணக்கம் ! Omitted today. ஒரு நல்ல நாள் !
Καλημέρα ! Omitted today. Να εχεις μια ωραια μερα !
صبح بخیر ! Omitted today. ایک اچھا دن کرو!
Pਸ਼ੁਭ ਸਵੇਰ ! Omitted today. ਤੁਹਾਡਾ ਦਿਨ ਅੱਛਾ ਹੋ !
Habari za asubuhi ! Omitted today. Siku njema !
בוקר טוב ! Omitted today. שיהיה לך יום נעים !
እንደምን አደርክ ! Omitted today. መልካም ቀን!
Subax wanaagsan ! Omitted today. Maalin wanaagsan !
शुभ - प्रभात ! Omitted today. हजुर को दिन राम्रो होस्। !
Not sure about the date of that Petition, but there is one at link to petition to include chechen in the google translate database

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